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We are a strategic business development and telemarketing agency

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We work in partnership with you to support you in achieving your business growth objectives. This may be in the form of supporting you in hitting short term targets, additional resources to maximise the time of your internal team, or as a tool to fill in any gaps in your current engagement process. We work with you to understand your current business development processes, your current growth objectives and the best way to support you in achieving them. This makes our approach to telemarketing unique.

All of the work is undertaken in line with your brand and needs, focusing not only on meeting your specific objectives, but also identifying opportunities for cross-selling, partnerships and potential new target markets. As an integral element of our work, we obtain market intelligence and competitor information that is invaluable for future strategies, improving your future marketing efficiency and providing you with a positive impact on return on investment.

We have now been operational for 18 years
and have grown consistently throughout this period

We have a broad mix of clients across the public, private and third sectors and use our accumulated experience to bring a fresh perspective to your campaigns, giving ‘best of breed’ advice that transcends industries and brings new ideas to your marketing strategy.

We are not set up as a standard ‘call centre’ and as such, value long term staff retention, achieving this through continual development and staff training – including Prince2, CIM, IDM, and ACCA qualifications. These efforts have paid off and we now have an innovative, award winning senior team with a versatile and adaptable approach to new business generation. Working in a non-scripted manner differentiates us from a call centre operation and encourages two-way conversations where we engage with prospects to get the most from every single call.

Business development with us is a two-way process and we will do everything we can to ensure that your campaign succeeds and we can develop a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

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