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Stakeholder Engagement

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If you’re a public or third sector organisation, stakeholder engagement is a key component for assessing project delivery and maintaining adequate corporate social responsibility.

Whether your aim is to increase awareness and participation in a new project or initiative, gain important research and feedback to aid the progression of a project, or gather information for long term sustainable development, your stakeholder engagement strategy with form an essential part of this.

We’ve worked with several public sector organisations on stakeholder engagement projects. These range from cleansing and building relevant stakeholder data for CRM import, engagement exercises aimed at encouraging individuals to take part in key consultation and telephone research and stakeholder management projects.

Engaging with your relevant stakeholder groups is important to ensure that the people who may be most affected by your business decisions are being heard.

Whether you’re looking for advice or hoping to engage in a stakeholder engagement project, call us on 0113 487 7013 or contact us here for more information.