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Lead Generation

LeadGeneration BlueberryMS

If you had more leads in your pipeline, would you be able to generate more sales?

Do you achieve a high appointment conversion rate but need more resources to secure your initial leads and paying customers? Or do you want to target new markets which you haven’t explored before? We can develop a lead generation programme which meets your requirements.

Lead generation can come in a variety of forms based upon your business goals. Whether you’re looking for qualified appointments for your sales team, attendees for an event or seminar, interest in a free trial, telephone leads, or partnership opportunities, we work by understanding your desired end goals, products, or service, and design a campaign around them.

We incorporate various lead generation software and lead generation marketing such as email marketing, inbound marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, social media and telemarketing to create a B2B lead generation strategy bespoke to your business.

Sustainable business growth is often reliant on building medium and longer-term relationships as well as finding immediate opportunities for growth. With this in mind, we can advise on a range of engagement models and lead generation strategies to make sure your campaign achieves your short-term requirements and longer-term objectives.

A typical lead generation campaign will include:

  • Immediate opportunities for the sales team - whether this is through a face to face appointments or another chosen method of engagement.

  • A lead pipeline of potential customers and sales qualified leads, complete with details of the most opportune time for re-contact.

  • A cleansed and up-to-date database of relevant contacts within your target audience for your marketing team to progress.

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