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Could you use an event to help you sell?

Running an event can often prove to be both time consuming and expensive, and dependent upon turnout, efforts will only be wasted if you find your message isn’t reaching the audience you’d hoped for. Methods of engagement are often dependent upon the type of event you’re running and the decision makers you are targeting, so qualification criteria can play a large role in this.

We promote a whole range of events from annual conferences with thousands of attendees, through to small seminars targeting highly specialised or niche audiences. Our experience has allowed us to develop a tried and tested method for event promotion which we adapt based upon each future events unique value proposition and the product or service you offer. We provide an end to end service from initially raising awareness and spreading the word to businesses, directing potential customers to your event page, through to securing leads, ticket sales and confirming attendees.

We utilise a multi-channel approach to engagement, incorporating email marketing, digital marketing, telemarketing and lead generation to communicate with your customers and prospects and secure attendees. Our aim is to deliver value across your marketing campaigns, acting as an additional resource for your internal team and maximising your marketing budget.

We can also help following up sales leads following the day, gaining feedback and, if relevant, securing a pipeline of qualified follow up appointments for your sales team. appointments for your sales team.

Call us on 0113 487 7013 or contact us here for more information on event marketing strategies and promotion efforts. Alternatively, take a look at our article here for tips on hosting an event and boosting your ROI.