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Email can prove to be a wonderful way to nurture relationships, however done in the wrong way can become low value and easy to ignore spam.

Done correctly, email marketing can help to nurture leads and build trust with both customers and prospects alike. However, to achieve this businesses must be mindful of what makes a great email and create content which offers something genuinely relevant and useful for your email list.

With this in mind, we work with businesses to understand what you want to achieve from your email marketing campaigns and discuss the best way to implement this. Whether this is incorporating engagement into a wider marketing automation and email nurture strategy, to encourage prospects to open your email you need to be impactful, whilst proving value in your content.

We have a team of in-house specialists which can advise you on the benefits of effective email marketing and whether it will be the right fit for your business.

We help with as much or a little as you need, whether you require the creation of content, data sourcing, segmentation, send, or reporting and analysis, we can help improve and streamline your communications. This includes dedicated strategy planning involving split testing, creation of calls to action, analysis of the best send times to maximise engagement and integration with other channels such as social media.

We can also deliver email marketing as part of a broader roll out of a lead generation campaign to improve prospect engagement.

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