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How accurate is your marketing data?

You might have found that over time your customer and prospect data is progressively becoming more out of date and inaccurate. Discrepancies within your data can make it more difficult to regularly maintain relationships and can result in a substantial amount of your time and resources going to waste.

Maintaining accuracy and quality within a dataset can often seem like a huge task, but ignoring it may result in lost opportunities. To ensure this doesn’t happen, we can assist in not only cleansing your dataset but also enhancing it with new information to help with segmenting and targeting.

We have extensive experience managing marketing data and can use a number of tools to provide you with an enriched database for current and future campaigns. This ranges from data appending, PAF matching, data profiling and purchasing, telephone verification, TPS checking, email verification, as well as database cleansing techniques - to name a few.

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