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Customer Satisfaction

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How happy are your customers?

Research has found that whilst 80% of businesses surveyed believed they delivered a “superior experience”, only 8% of customers agreed(1). Measuring customer satisfaction can be critical to identifying any issues or challenges and keeping your customers content. A customer satisfaction survey project will not only provide you with insight into the effectiveness of your current customer service strategies, but will also play a role in deepening customer engagement and driving up overall customer value.

We have experience across industry verticals, carrying out customer satisfaction surveys, as well as lapsed customer surveys. We can support the whole survey process: developing the survey itself; delivering it by telephone, post and email, and analysing and interrogating the data generated. Working with you to understand any priorities or challenges within your business, we ensure surveys provide not only quantitative metrics, but also more detailed qualitative insights too.

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(1) http://bain.com/bainweb/pdfs/cms/hotTopics/closingdeliverygap.pdf