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Customer Engagement & Relationship Marketing

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How long do your customer relationships usually last?

Maintaining contact with your existing customers is essential to ensure lasting relationships and consistent revenues. However for many businesses, maintaining this consistently can prove to be time-consuming. With marketing strategies often focusing on new business acquisition, current customers and companies end up on the back-burner.

We understand the importance of keeping in contact with existing customers, but also the time restraints you are under on a daily basis. We therefore have a wealth of experience in customer relationship management and know the need to identify and address the changing needs of customers before it’s too late. As with managing lead generation this is not a process of harassing customers, but of understanding the needs and cycles of businesses and contacting them at the right time with the right approach that gives you the best opportunity to sell more to them.

Through customer satisfaction surveys, loyalty marketing schemes and cross-selling and up-selling campaigns we can carry out a variety of telemarketing campaigns to ensure strong and lasting customer relationships.

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