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Customer Analysis & Profiling

CustomerAnalysis&Profiling BlueberryMS

Do you know the exact profile of your customer base?

Understanding your customer base is critical to define your target market and how you can reach them. Following thorough demographic analysis, we can help you design and develop an effective segmentation strategy to successfully do this. Dependent upon your business and sector and what you want to achieve, customers may be profiled on several factors to indicate their current engagement level and potential future value. For example, this may include:

Demographic indicators such as:

  • Business size
  • Sector
  • Desicion Maker
  • Region
  • Turnover

and behavioural indicators such as:

  • Trends in spend
  • Loyalty
  • Regularity of previous purchases
  • Engagement with emails
  • Number of touchpoints

This will not only help you target your existing customber base more effectively, but also help you understand your ideal customer profile to inform future customer acquisition strategies.

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