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Professional Associations & Membership Organisations

How engaged is your member base?

We know it’s a time of transformation for professional associations and many are adapting to a fast-changing market landscape. Responding to these changes while sustaining value for members can be a challenge, but maintaining a loyal member base is critical to achieving a sustainable long-term membership model.

Retention is key to this and we have worked with membership organisations to increase levels of engagement with current members, as well as initiating preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of them lapsing.

Using a targeted engagement model, incorporating both member renewals and engagement strategies, we consider the channels you use to engage members to ensure this fits with what your members want. The different groups within your membership base are also essential in this, so we tailor approaches based on individual, segment, and by risk factor. We’ve also worked on several acquisition campaigns, getting new members on board, whether this is individuals or companies.

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