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Marketing Partnerships

Have you explored partnerships to increase revenue?

We work with marketing agencies to help them win new clients and generate more revenue from their existing clients.

Do you want to expand the service portfolio that you offer your clients? Do you want to provide integrated marketing campaigns? By incorporating telemarketing into your marketing offering, we can help provide tangible results which back up the value of what you do and provide you with an additional revenue stream.

By integrating telemarketing services into an overall marketing plan, our aim is to be able to promote a shared offer, encompassing comprehensive expertise across all marketing channels. Whether you’re looking to follow up on a direct mail piece, develop or augment a marketing database, or provide a lead nurturing and generation service, we can help you develop further revenue streams.

We can work collaboratively with you as a preferred referral partner, or if required, on a whitelabel basis. We help bridge the gap between your marketing efforst and your clients sales team, helping evidence success through increased ROI. This will not only allow you to win more clients, but can lead to uplift in spend from those you already work with.

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