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Enterprise IT

What’s your priority - finding immediate sales opportunities or nurturing leads for sustainable long-term business growth?

Either way, finding the most appropriate time to engage can often be difficult. Perhaps the opportunities are there, but timing means that not all prospects are ready to engage with your sales team. For large scale IT projects particularly, long buying cycles and complex decision-making processes are often involved before a project can even begin.

IT Projects can start from within multiple departments across an organisation and can be driven by different needs and priorities. We’ll develop a tailored lead nurturing strategy with multiple touch points across prospect organisations, incorporating areas of telemarketing, email marketing, events and seminar and targeted content pieces such as whitepapers.

Our focus is on solution selling; engaging with decision makers to understand their problems and priorities, so that we can provide them with an initial business case which is relevant to them. By understanding each decision-making unit, and the influencers involved in each step of the buying process, we’re able to nurture leads until they are ripe for business closure.

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