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Education Telemarketing

Intelligent Telemarketing for the Education Sector

As schools convert to academy status and increasingly merge to form larger chains, or multi-academy trusts; schools are now looking for novel and innovative ways to get the best results – and for partners to help them deliver.

We work with a whole host of organisations selling to schools, including a play equipment manufacturer, charities, IT support providers, education consultancies and residential trip providers. Projects range from building bespoke, targeted databases through to lead generation and event attendance.

Due to the nature of the sector, decision makers often aren’t desk-based, so considerations in terms of scheduling engagement are key to achieving results. Our experience in delivering unscripted relationship based telemarketing campaigns also assists in a sector where key decision makers often find hard sell tactics off-putting.

Our approach to each campaign ensures we promote the offering in line with the institutions brand, ethos and reputation. We have worked strategically alongside internal marketing teams, drawing on our expertise in the sector to advise how best to promote specific initiatives. We can help you design new business development strategies to sell more to schools and put yourself at the forefront of a rapidly changing market.

We also work for a wide range of clients targeting colleges and universities, as well as working on behalf of colleges and unversities to help them promote their offering to businesses and individuals.

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