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Do you need to drive early adoption?

We understand that one of the key challenges for innovative technologies is driving early adoption and getting businesses on board with your service from the start. We can help develop an effective sales process to increase conversions – whether this includes trial periods, online demos and tutorials or joining offers. When using free trials to on-board new users, ensuring prospects get the most out of their trial is critical if they are to convert into longer term customers – we can therefore help you design an effective engagement strategy to sign them up and encourage interaction with your service.

Another consideration when driving early adoption is targeting those businesses and decision makers with most appetite for your service. We work with you to understand your value proposition and then develop a data strategy to target the quickest wins first. As you build momentum, we can expand the scope, testiing appetite across the wider market.

With many innovative technology solutions, such as software sold on a SaaS model or comparison engines, acquisition costs can be high – but each customer brings with it considerable lifetime value. Ensuring strong customer retention rates is critical to long term success and we can help you design an on-going engagement and retention strategy too.

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