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Do you need to increase business engagement?

Whether on a funded or commercial basis, we know colleges and universities are under increasing pressure to make the most out of their business relationships. Some changes, such as the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, provide new business opportunities to generate revenue from employers. Other changes, such as a decrease in the number of course applications, may threaten core revenue streams and require preventative action.

We’ve worked extensively with colleges, universities and other training providers to:

  • Drive engagement with apprenticeships and funded training, to both levy payers and to small and medium enterprises
  • Promote training programmes and qualifiations being offered on a commercial basis
  • Engage with potential students - for example, following up incoming leads or providing extra capacity around enrolment periods or during clearing
  • Support market research and student engagement programmes - for example, conducting student surveys to measure student outcomes or evaluate the effectiveness of funded programmes

In many cases, universities and colleges will also be providing a range of other business services and we have promoted programmes covering:

  • Knowledge transfer and exchange (including KTP)
  • Innovation programmes, such as those funded under Horizon 2020
  • Business support and business improvement programmes, both on a funded and commercial basis
  • Consultancy

By understanding your needs and growth objectives, we can design a bespoke campaign to support you in engaging with businesses and prospective students. We can incorporate database cleansing, telemarketing, email marketing, event promotion and the use of targeted content pieces to help drive awareness and interest in your offering - and, ultimately, help secure and grow your revenue base.

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