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Pamela Welsh 25th April 2019

We’ve partnered with Zest Leeds

We're very proud to announce we've partnered with Zest Leeds – a charity right on our doorstep who offer support and opportunity to individuals who live in disadvantaged areas of Leeds.

One in five individuals born in Leeds live in a deprived area, meaning they may go without a significant benefit that is considered important to others. Those who are born in a deprived area are more likely to suffer from inequality, receiving a poorer education and health care which often has a lasting impact on their life prospects. Zest are passionate about addressing inequalities which stem from where a person was born or raised!

Zest 1

Some of the people that interact or benefit from Zest are socially isolated and have limited or no support network in place. Studies show that social isolation can lead to individuals suffering from loneliness which is detrimental to an individual’s mental health.

Zest recently came to our offices and discussed how the groups and initiatives which they organise and run benefit people across Leeds. As a Leeds based business, we really thought it was important that we committed to a charity which directly helps those who live in Leeds and a charity which tackles an issue which is perhaps sometimes overlooked or underfunded.

Zest 4

One of our first activities with Zest will see us dust off our running shoes and take on the Leeds 10k! The money we raise will help Zest to continue their vital community groups. Some of us will also be getting out of the office to work on our culinary skills (much needed) at Leeds Cookery School - all proceeds go to Zest and is a brilliant team bonding activity for businesses!

Run for Zest

Keep an eye out on our social media for updates and check out Zest to see where you can also get involved!

If you would like to support Zest and our fundraising activities for the Leeds 10k then click here.

Written By Pamela Welsh
After completing the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, Pamela was awarded the Top Student in Yorkshire for 2015 and was also amongst the few that were entered for the Northern top student of the year award. She works on a wide range of engagement campaigns for clients in the public and private sectors.

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