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Kate Heron 9th September 2017

We've Moved!

After 12 years of successful, and slightly cramped, business at our former offices on Aire Street, we are very happy to announce that we have finally flown the nest and have taken up new, larger residences on South Parade in Leeds City Centre.

Although our old office served us well, and we made great memories there, we couldn’t be more excited about the move!

Having originally moved into the office as a start-up in 2006, we’ve come extremely far from the 1-man band which we started out as. We’ve experienced growth, innovation, exciting partnerships, new experiences, and fresh challenges, all of which we feel have developed us into the growing and successful business we are today.

We now have a team of 25 strong, experienced and enthusiastic individuals who will benefit from the expansion in the form of more desk space, chill out areas, potentially the biggest conference table you’ve ever seen and an office bang in the centre of town.

But in all seriousness; our mission has always been to help develop other innovative businesses, to progress our own team and to build strong relationships across both the public and private sectors. As a result of the support we’ve received and the valuable partnerships we’ve built, we’re now at a stage where we require over double the space to be able to serve businesses to our full potential – an achievement we’re all very proud of.

The new space will act as a catalyst for further growth, and a comfortable (some might even say luxurious) base for our ever-growing team of specialists, and visiting clients and friends.

More information on the move can be found over at Insider Media by clicking here.

If you’re interested in our services and would like to explore the possibility of implementing a telemarketing campaign within your business please contact us here. Alternatively, if you’d just like to pop in for a chat, feel free to come in and see our new offices for yourself!

Written By Kate Heron
Kate graduated with a first in Marketing & communications. She supports delivery of multi-channel marketing campaigns, ensuring that communications are aligned across telephone and email marketing channels.

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