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Angela Kunawicz 9th November 2022


TIME is running out to raid your wardrobes, dust off your suitcases and root through your underbed storage for your pre-loved coats, hats, gloves, and scarves.

The Leeds Winter Coat Appeal is on track to collect and donate 2,000 good quality winter warmers for those in need, but organisers need more children’s coats. With almost a quarter of under 16s in Leeds living in poverty, Tracy Morgan of Zero Waste Leeds, said the vital donations would help keep a child warm this winter.

“Now that the temperatures have started to drop, families need coats to keep their children warm, particularly at school,” said Project Coordinator Tracy. “Coats can be quite expensive, especially for families with more than one child. By donating a child’s coat, the financial pressure is taken off families and the money they save by receiving a free coat can be spent on other essentials.”

Pamela Welsh, Blueberry Director, said the team was more than happy to support the much-needed scheme, run by Zero Waste Leeds.
“As a mum-of-two I know how expensive looking after a family can be, especially at this time of year,” she said. “It breaks my heart to hear about children facing winter without a warm coat, which is why we’ve been raiding our homes for good quality clothing. The Blueberry team has filled our collection bin with dozens of coats and bundles of warm scarves and hats. And if they couldn’t find anything suitable at home, they’ve been scouring through charity shops for good quality coats to buy and donate.”

Tracy said they had been blown away by the generosity of the people of Leeds, despite them facing the harsh realities of the cost-of-living crisis.
“We had a quick look through the coats we collected last week and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has donated so far,” she added. “There are plenty of adult coats, but we’re a little short of children’s coats, so we’d really appreciate more donations.”

For more information on the scheme, which runs until November 14, 2022, follow @zerowasteleeds or head to zerowasteleeds.org. And find our comprehensive list of collection and drop-off points across Leeds here.

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Written By Angela Kunawicz
Angela is an award winning journalist, videographer and marketeer who has worked in regional and international media outlets across the UK and Middle East, including the BBC and Abu Dhabi Media Company. With a flair for human interest stories, hard news and campaigns, she has also been commended for her outstanding photography and video productions.

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