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Kate Heron 10th April 2018

Innovation in Business

Innovation can often seem like a minefield when it comes to implementing it into your own business. In this article we explore how businesses can innovate and whether or not you already are!

What is innovation?

Defining ‘innovation’ isn’t always easy. There’s no clear-cut way to say how you should innovate and it’s very much open to interpretation, but whats important to know, is that everyone can.

Being innovative doesn’t only mean inventing. Businesses can be innovative by simply coming up with a new way of doing things. Whether this is through the creation of new, dynamic products, by improving on your existing processes or services, or even just finding a more efficient way of doing things. Whichever way you choose to implement it, it can be a catalyst for business growth and success.

Innovation as a survival skill

The ever-changing nature of the current marketplace means that businesses are under more pressure than ever to keep a competitive edge. There’s no limitation as to where innovation can come from but, to survive, businesses need to explore new ideas, collaborate and improve to remain ahead of the curve.

This often begins by taking a series of small, incremental steps. Planning processes, testing methods and managing objectives until you arrive at that sudden eureka moment! Innovation doesn’t need to be a complicated process, and in most cases, you’ll find that you’re probably already innovating in some way already, and if that’s the case, why not tap into the wealth of support and funding available on your doorstep?

Being involved with several innovation projects, from knowledge transfer partnerships and innovation management programmes, through to specific grant funding, we’ve experienced first-hand how much help they can be in cultivating business growth.

Whilst you might be questioning if a programme like this is right for you, or if you even have the time to consider support, remember innovation is more than likely already running through your business and it might just be a case of turning on the tap to these new avenues of growth – whether you choose to take advantage of it is another question!

Written By Kate Heron
Kate graduated with a first in Marketing & communications. She supports delivery of multi-channel marketing campaigns, ensuring that communications are aligned across telephone and email marketing channels.

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