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Angela Kunawicz 19th April 2022

How to Save like a Pro

HOUSEHOLDS across Britain are feeling the pinch as the cost-of-living rises. Check out Blueberry’s top 10 tips to save money.

(1) Here at Blueberry, we don’t judge anyone (or anything) by its size, shape, or age. We like wonky fruit and vegetables; they’re cheaper and taste just as good as other groceries. Check out the supermarket’s ‘reduced to clear’ sections for food approaching the use-by date for some cheap mealtime inspiration.

(2) Appliances like phone chargers, laptops and televisions still use energy when they are on standby. Leaving devices on standby can add £35 a year to your energy bill, so turn them off at the socket. And how often do you forget to turn the lights off when you leave a room? This could be costing you £15 a year.

(3) Planning a night out, but can’t afford a new outfit? Looking good doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Swap or borrow nice outfits, jewellery and even shoes with your friends. Give the salon a miss, treat yourself to a facial and mani-pedi at home.

(4) Did you know that washing your clothes at 30°C degrees instead of higher temperatures uses around 57 per cent less electricity? Most washing machines and dishwashers have economic cycles as well, saving you both water and energy.

(5) Why not swap your weekly takeaway for a fakeaway? From Tex-Mex cheeseburgers and quick naan pizzas to spicy chicken tikka masala and duck spring rolls, there are so many DIY fakeaway recipes to try out at home.

"Turning the thermostat down by just 1°C could save you a whopping £80 per year."

(6) We love a good bargain at Blueberry. Always search for discount codes and special offers before buying anything online or in-store. Have a spring clean and sell your unwanted fashion apparel, homeware, games, and consoles on eBay, CeX, Gumtree, Shpock or Facebook Marketplace.

(7) Heat the human, not the home. Step away from the heating dial – wear an extra layer of clothing, dig out your hot water bottle or invest in an electric bed blanket. Only heat the rooms you’re using and turn radiators off in empty rooms. Turning the thermostat down by just 1°C could save you a whooping £80 per year.

(8) Want to watch the latest blockbuster but can’t afford the cinema ticket? There’s an extensive choice of films for free, to rent or purchase on Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and beyond. Cosy up on the sofa with drinks and snacks for a cheap movie marathon with your friends.

(9) How about a Meat Free Monday or simply reducing the amount of meat you use in dishes? Eat more tinned or frozen fruit and vegetables – they’re often cheaper than fresh or chilled varieties. And try batch cooking and freezing meals to avoid food wastage.

(10) Leave the car at home, take public transport, and walk whenever you can. Show your car some love - wax on and wax off at home instead of getting a professional car valet. And why not get fit, keep warm and save on gym membership – start the Couch to 5K, complete a YouTube fitness session, or chase your kids around the park.

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Written By Angela Kunawicz
Angela is an award winning journalist, videographer and marketeer who has worked in regional and international media outlets across the UK and Middle East, including the BBC and Abu Dhabi Media Company. With a flair for human interest stories, hard news and campaigns, she has also been commended for her outstanding photography and video productions.

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