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Andrew Welsh 8th July 2018

Putting People First - About Our Blueberry Academy

We believe that people are the core of our business, and that developing our team as individuals, enables them to deliver flexible, response telemarketing that sets us apart from the rest.

At Blueberry, we invest in our team

Training is an integral part of work life and, at Blueberry, we believe it is so much more than educating staff on just a campaign by campaign basis. Our aim is to provide our team with broad experience that transcends industries and progresses their knowledge on how organisations and businesses work and the impact of their work.

We believe that when our employees see the value of what they’re doing, our clients feel the benefit in real, long-term results for their company. We therefore want to instil passion and care in our team for the work that they do and encourage them to take on new challenges and break out of their comfort zones, as well as excel in the areas they already love.

As a result, we’ve designed Blueberry Academy, an integrated training programme based upon this principle and designed entirely by our team, with exactly them in mind!

Skills for life, as well as work

Our training modules are across-the-board, incorporating comprehensive, transferable skills in both personal and working life.

From life lessons in increasing self-motivation, adopting the right attitude and changing perceptions, through to business skills such as campaign and client management, team leading, research and reporting, document writing and more.

Modules are updated regularly to so that we remain at the forefront of an ever-changing market landscape and our team can request sessions on any topics that they find stimulating. Individuals are also encouraged to deliver modules that they are particularly passionate about themselves, with support from academy leaders.


Challenging the elephant in the room

We encourage our staff to speak up and speak out. We feel that all learnings help towards continuing development and encourage our team to tackle issues which they might have usually been too worried to bring up or might have previously overlooked.

For example, insight into social media etiquette and understanding your personal digital footprints and how this can have an impact on you and the brand you’re representing. These issues are very topical at the moment and are essential to know to prepare our team for the modern business world.

We’ve therefore included focused training modules addressing these subjects, with the aim to provide our employees with essential skills, not just at work, but in everyday life.

Interactive training modules

To keep things interesting – we deliver interactive modules through a variety of methods including workshops, practical training, presentations and group activities.

We want to motivate communication amongst teams and encourage all forms of discussion within these sessions. Our aim is to inspire our employees, and make learning as exciting and collaborative as possible.

Beyond Blueberry

Inevitably, as we’ve progressed over the years, we’ve had 11 staff go on to successfully start their own businesses and this is something we’re very proud of.

We are convinced that by giving our team exposure and experience across the market, this benefits the individuals involved and also the organisations that we work with, staying true to our core services which are ultimately underpinned by people, processes and data.

Blueberry Academy will therefore remain at the heart of the company as we continue to grow.

If you’re interested in joining the team, click here to find out more details about the opportunities we have. Alternatively, for more information on our telemarketing services please call us on 0113 487 7013 or contact us here.

Written By Andrew Welsh
Andrew spearheads our in-house training and staff development programmes. A great team motivator, he also leads numerous key accounts focusing on lead generation, customer engagement and market research campaigns.

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