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HEAR from Blueberry’s bass player Thom Pighills about his European tour, kick-starting a rehearsal place for fellow musicians and his passion for rock music.



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How merchants can prepare for changing customer behaviour in the post-crisis world

Whilst merchant stores start to re-open, it’s important to consider what practical steps merchants can take, in order to be prepared for what the new ‘normal’ looks like. We have come up with a few simple tips and steps that merchants like yourself can consider, helping to recover in the post-crisis world.


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Business Support During Coronavirus

Order books have collapsed, staff have been furloughed, and cashflow has been reduced to a trickle. Sales forecasts and marketing plans – even just from a few weeks ago – are pretty much obsolete. While the government has announced support for businesses, understanding how to navigate through the labyrinth of overlapping schemes, measures and funding pots isn’t always easy - so where should businesses turn to for support?


Business Services, Comparison Sites & Technology Innovators, Customer Engagement & Relationship Marketing, Customer Retention & Loyalty, Distributors & Builders Merchants, Enterprise IT, Financial Services & Fintech, Logistics, Manufacturers, Marketing Partnerships, Medical & Pharma, Other Sectors, Stakeholder Engagement

Marketing During Coronavirus

It is more important now than ever to be seen and to engage positively with your audience. How you go about this is what can make all the difference. We have come up with a few simple tips to help business owners, sales and marketing teams and leaders, plan and maintain visibility in the right way at a time when business confidence is at an all-time low. Hopefully you can put some of these tips to practice!