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Selling to Schools

THE UK’s schools and local authorities are as unique as the children they support. It goes without saying that school funding and spending needs to reflect this. The government has pledged an extra £2 billion of revenue funding to schools this academic year and the same again in 2024-25. And while schools can choose how to spend this supplementary funding, why should they invest in your services and how do you know if they’re the right fit for your business? With more than a decade of experience in the education sector, Blueberry is here to guide you through the process and help you meet your business aspirations.



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How the UK's Leading Universities Are Supporting Small Businesses

Did you know that up and down the country, the UK's leading universities are offering a range of business support services and schemes designed for SME's?


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Marketing During Coronavirus

It is more important now than ever to be seen and to engage positively with your audience. How you go about this is what can make all the difference. We have come up with a few simple tips to help business owners, sales and marketing teams and leaders, plan and maintain visibility in the right way at a time when business confidence is at an all-time low. Hopefully you can put some of these tips to practice!


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Our 2018 in Review

After hitting the ground running in 2019, we thought we’d take a breather and reflect on one of our most exciting years to date, 2018! Not only have we been able to expand our internal team, we’ve been given new, exciting opportunities to spread our initiatives and dive deeper into our current service offering as a result. With a continuously developing client list and lots of memorable moments along the way, here are few snapshots of our 2018!


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Getting the Most out of Your Members : Engagement

In our previous article, we looked at how to get the most out of your member renewal process. We now move on to how to engage your members earlier on to improve how renewals are received.


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What does GDPR mean for your marketing?

All organisations that handle personal data will be affected by the new European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in some way. Whilst there is some fear around the impact of the new regulations across B2B organisations, it’s important to recognise the benefits too!