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Putting People First - About Our Blueberry Academy

We believe that people are the core of our business, and that developing our team as individuals, enables them to deliver flexible, response telemarketing that sets us apart from the rest.



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Nurturing soft skills

We’ve recognised at Blueberry that whilst the emphasis on hard skills has always been needed, in such a diverse industry we now look out for so much more than that. We focus on nurturing leadership, communication, flexibility, creativity and we promote such skills through our Blueberry Academy. But, it didn’t happen overnight!


Small businesses and data breach protection

The rise of large corporations hitting the headlines over data breaches, alongside the implementation of the recent GDPR has led to a drastic decrease in consumer trust relating to data protection.


We’re expanding!

It’s a busy year at Blueberry – our team is growing, we’re broadening the services we offer, and we’ve had some exciting new client wins!


PECR and Marketing to Sole Traders

The grounds around B2B marketing can sometimes seem confusing for businesses, especially following the new GDPR legislation which came into place in May 2018.


The English Asian Business Awards

We are pleased to announce that our Director, Faresh Masuria, has been nominated for Creative Entrepreneur of the Year at the English Asian Business Awards, with the ceremony taking place in Manchester tonight!


GDPR – Small Businesses don’t panic!

With the recent changes in GDPR now effective, we know many small businesses are feeling overwhelmed!


Team Blueberry against the Themed Multi-Station Experience Machine

On one normal Friday in May, on the first floor of 12 South Parade, unbeknownst to its inhabitants, 20 superheroes* spent the Friday afternoon getting stuck into a bunch of team building challenges, before being let loose in the city of Leeds. Team Activ provided the concept and the tools – and all we had to do was bring our A game.


GDPR – An Introduction to Legitimate Interests

What is legitimate interest and when can you use it for processing data?


Our Experience of Work Experience

Helping under 16's find their feet in the world of work.


Entrepreneur In Residence

I've joined Leeds Business School's panel of Entrepreneurs in Residence


Innovation in Business

Innovation can often seem like a minefield when it comes to implementing it into your own business. In this article we explore how businesses can innovate and whether or not you already are!



Feeling unnerved regarding the imminent GDPR coming in to place? Make sure you know the facts from the fiction.


Three Myths of GDPR

With only two months to go, GDPR is on the mind of most marketers. But how do you distinguish the scaremongering from the sensible guidelines? We’ve given the top three myths that we've come across!