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Case Studies


Historic University Attracts First-rate Students and Novel Business Opportunities

Serving 18,000 highly diverse students representing over 130 countries, our client is a prestigious university based in Central London. Founded in 1892, they provide first-class education through accredited vocational and professionally recognised courses, placements, and apprenticeships. They pride themselves on changing lives, communities and businesses with education and insight. And combined with their affiliated colleges, they have an annual turnover of more than £198m.



Customer Analysis & Profiling, Customer Engagement & Relationship Marketing, Customer Retention & Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Distributors & Builders Merchants

Customer Research

Our client is one of the UK’s largest privately-owned timber and builder’s merchants. Providing a complete service to construction companies, specialist contractors, tradespeople and builders, they offer a wide range of products, service and knowledge.


Customer Engagement & Relationship Marketing, Customer Retention & Loyalty, Professional Associations & Membership Organisations

Professional Association

Our client is a professional association committed to representing those in the counselling and psychotherapy profession; representing over 30,000 members in the UK they are the leading professional body in this field.


Customer Retention & Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Market Research, Other Sectors

Full Service Advertising Agency

Our client is a full service digital marketing agency who specialise in researching media channels. Based in the North of England, they are ranked amongst the top ten advertising agencies in the region.


Appointment Setting, Customer Retention & Loyalty, Education Telemarketing, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Public & Third Sector

Residential Education

Our client is a council owned residential education service who set themselves apart from their competitors by combining residential trips with valuable educational experiences, focusing on the educational benefit pupils can gain from the experiences they have at one of their four residential centres.