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Our Approach

Our senior team has over 70 years combined experience in telemarketing, and we’ve constantly been refining and perfecting our telemarketing methods throughout this time. There are three core strands which are at the heart of everything we do.

People +

People buy from people. Conversely, overly scripted, hard sell tactics can dis-engage even the most interested prospects.

Our team are highly experienced business development professionals, with broad experience across markets and industries. This means we can engage properly with the decision makers we target - not just read from a standardised script.

Done right, telemaketing delivers personal, one-to-one communication which is highly effective at engaging prospects and customers alike. Having the right people to deliver flexible, response telemarketing sets us apart from a standard call centre set up.

Find out more about our team here and read more abour our Blueberry Academy internal training programme.

Process +

Research suggests that an average of between seven and twelve touchpoints are required to close a sale. While you manage the communication at the bottom of the sales funnel, our telemarketing uses timely, relevant and targeted calls to feed leads and interest at the top of the funnel.

We have developed processes to nurture leads and sustain interest in your service offering and provide full pipeline management, scheduling call backs and using telephone and email communications to maintain top-of-mind awareness. Getting these processes right means we can provide a steady stream of quality leads, rather than pushing appointments in with prospects before they are ready.


You can finely craft your messaging as much as you want - but if it’s reaching the wrong target audience you won’t get the results you need. Every campaign we carry out hinges on targeting the right decison makers in the most relevant organisations.

At the start of every campaign, we develop a data strategy based on profiling and segmenting the prospect database. Where will you get the quickest wins? What businesses is your value proposition most relevant to? We synthesise data from the most relevant sources - from purchased databases, through to data you may already hold but have historically underutilised - such as lost leads and lapsed customers.

While getting the data right is at the heart of every campaign, we also offer a range of standalone B2B marketing data services, to ensure your database is clean, up-to-date and compliant. Find out more here.7

Want to know more?

To find out more about our telemarketing services and how we can support you in achieving your business growth objectives, call us on 0113 487 7013 or get in touch here.